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He is a resident of U.A.E. and has his businesses since 10 years. Main activities include real estate and development, property transfer, facilities management, and building contracting businesses.

He has vast experience of Dubai business environment. His contribution to the growth of property transfer and real estate market in Dubai is noteworthy.

Buti Salem Ali Sultan Al Subosi


He has more than 25 years of experience in managing and executing projects in the building field. He holds Post Graduate Diploma in Management & a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from University of Damascus, Syria. He has been in U.A.E for over 15 years and he is expert in developing a project plan. He is a strategic planner & motivational manager. He has proven ability to manage, coordinate and supervise project staff. He ensures that all projects are completed on time so that there is no wastage for the clients in all aspects.

He coordinates with the consultants for smooth performance. He has excellent organizational skills with the ability to work well as a team member or to work independently..

Engr. Samih Slibi

(Managing Director)